Sunday, September 14, 2008

Part 2

I still find it hard to overcome the grief for Jin. Still thinking of her especially at bed time; how I would put her on my bed and put on her pampers before she goes to sleep. I would talk to her expressing our love for her and her love for us. She would play for a while and wait for my husband to join us in bed before I put her down on my side of the bed. I have to let her wear pampers because during her last year with us, she was not able to go to the toilet to poo and wee especially between bedtime and early morning when she wakes. Number of times she just wee on the pamper and it saves me alot of time cleaning her and she feels comfort as well. She does not wear it during the day.

It's almost 6 months now but we still miss her and I've got her photo infront of the computer. Still heartache for her but then we had adopted a little dog from SPCA in April, 2 months after Jin's death. He's a handsome young boy of 3 years. I will be writing a new blog for him but not able to so soon because am still thinking about Jin. Even now while writing, it took me sometime before deciding to update this site. I hope I will come out of grief for Jin soon. Love our girl, Jin Jin.

Friday, April 4, 2008

The Beginning = Part 1

This was what she looked like when she came to our home on 22/11/04. A vagrant look! Indeed, she was, abandoned without food for a long time. Who would want to do this to a little dog who was so good a nature. Jin did not show any signs of pain...., not even a smallest sound to show her discomfort during her last few hours especially when I was holding her in my arms the night before. Jin was a brave girl! She did not cry at all.

Jin went to the groomer the following day to have a good scrub. Her ears were so dirty, all black wax. We believed she was not taken care of for a long long time by her owner before finally being abandoned.

A pitiful picture to remain us of Jin who had gone through alot of suffering before coming to our home. Skin and bones. The night I took her in, I brought her to the vet and was told to fatten her up before deciding what to do next. Saw her right hind leg? Jin cannot stand straight due to this leg problem which the vet cannot diagnosed. Only possibility was that she was pinned by her mother when she was a baby and her leg was in some way deformed. No conclusive answer.

Jin had left us one month plus. Am still thinking of her especially when I come home and in the night when I go to bed. But I have good news to those of you who had followed her story. Whenever I thought of Jin, my version is a very clear picture of a large green field and Jin was either running or sitting down. At times I would see the figure of Buddha walking and Jin besides. This could be so because we were telling Jin " to go to the Land of the Buddhas and be happy to go walk walk everyday" during her last day with us. Walk-walk was Jin's favorite word which means she would be going out of the house for her daily walk or to go travelling in daddy's car, maybe to grandparents home.

Friday, February 22, 2008


Our dear girl, Jin Jin passed away peacefully on 22/02/08 around 10.30am.

Jin was not feeling well before the Chinese New Year and had seen the vet for medicination for her allergy. After the second consultation for her problems, she started to reject all her favourite food including roast pork. Even her usual titbits and greenie did not entice her to eat. Not even water and we had to use a syringe to feed her glucose water for at least she had some energy.

On 21/2/08, we decided to take her out for a car ride since I need to visit the temple in SengKang. While in the car, Jin started to show abnormal signs. She closed her eyes and not long she was totally limp and she lie sideway like sleeping. We talked to her and at the temple, I pour a small cup of holy water for her to drink and she seems very thirsty. Went home and then we realized she was not in good condition. She lies totally on her side and grasping for breath.

Through the afternoon/night, her grasping became stronger and she had diarrhoea a few times and it showed she had internal bleeding. We knew it's time for her to go and on 22/2 morning, we sent her to the vet. Jin was diagnosed to have a stroke and her internal organs are slowly malfunctioning. Option was to put her in coma so medication may help her to feel better but only 5-10% chances she survives and she may have another stroke during this period and die. Last resort was to have her last jab in life to relief all her sufferings. We chose to let her go peacefully and at around 10.30am we saw her through her last breathe of life. Amithaba

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Jin's birthday is on November 22. It's already 4 years since I took her into our home. She's being a good girl and behave well until she smells food. That's when she goes crazy, baking out loud to have a share. I bought 5 cup cakes, each to mark her year with us and extra one more, specially for me to mark our relationship for on that day, 4 years ago, if I did not look at her in the eyes, we would not be partners now. We love her, she's our only and special daughter.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


This is a Siberian Husky which was found wondering at the void deck of my brother's block 2 weekends ago. He's about 2/3 months old and has blue eyes. I took him in as there will be no one to take care of him on the next day which is Monday. My brother think he is dumb dumb as he did not bark when he lock him in the toilet while waiting for us to come by. Since, I have Jin Jin, Phua and myself would have more experience to take care of his needs until we send him to SPCA.

When we took him back to the home that evening, Jin was barking on and off. Guess she must be wondering why this foreigner came to take over mommy and daddy. We have to keep them apart especially when Jin snapped at Husky. Had to give Husky a bathe because he smells. It was difficult to bath him due to his thick coat. I locked both of us in the bath room and Husky was running around and it's hard to hold him down. Anyway not many dogs like to bath. After a few minutes I think he saw himself no way of getting out of this wet situation, he sat quickly and let me bath him.

It took some minutes before his coat is 90 percent blow dry. We always wonder why people like to keep husky as pets in this hot climate. They are not suited for this humid climate and I was thinking letting him sleeps in our room as it's air conditioned. But I know it's not possible because Husky wee and poo anywhere as he pleases. He's not toilet trained yet.

After the beauty regime, a bowl of dog food (dry pallets) and a bowl of water was given to him and he ate a little. As it was late, almost midnight, I took Jin to the bedroom to sleep. I left Husky with Phua. I did not hear any noise outside the bedroom throughout the night. I think Husky must be sleeping well. Well, he did, when I opened my bedroom door he was just sleeping there. He got up and wag his tail and follow me to the kitchen and I stepped into the weewee. He was weeing small pools here and there. Phua told me that evening, Husky was quietly sleeping beside him while he was doing his work.

So Husky followed me around the house throughout the day. Meanwhile Jin was petty quite except when there's food concerned. Her eyes was watching me/daddy and Husky all the time. I know she is not feeling her usual herself. Her little mind is thinking, thinking. We had to tell her that Husky is just coming for a few days only. Wonder what she thought of that answer when she saw Husky taking her toy-toy to play. She gave me a look when Husky took the toy. Well, she's jealous and when Husky tried to play with her, she barks, growl and snapped at him. I have to carry Jin to prevent Husky from going near her. I was afraid she might bit him and in returned, a fight may ensue. At this point, we heard Husky making small sounds. Not like the big dogs bark. At least we now know Husky is not a dumb-dumb. Do you know that in China, it was reported that dog owners in order not to register their dog (it's very expensive..something like thousands of dollars), they send the dogs to surgically remove their voice box. In this way, no neighbors would compliant about the noise as well as how many dogs they kept.

Have to send Husky to SPCA as he was doing his business as he likes. I am glad there are some good samaritans telling us through sms about who possibly may own Husky. I've asked my brother to take a photo of Husky and post a few notes around the block.

Husky was also beginning to feel comfortable with us as he wents to play with me; whenever I stroke him, he would want to nibble my fingers. He is actual having the teething problem wanting to chew things like the way he took the toy and bit, fling it around.... Late afternoon, Phua took him to SPCA. We told Jin that Husky is going home.

He found out that SPCA some how knew who may have own Husky. You see, not many people would want a husky as pet. You have to give them a big area to move around, it's a large dog..... and landed property best suits them. Beside my brother's block are private estates. We were assured that Husky would not be put down and he's probably a lost dog. If he's up for adoption eventually, I'm sure many people would want him. To buy a husky is expensive, thousands of dollars. Phua came back and told me what Husky did on the way to SPCA. Husky was put in the back seat and we also have newspapers on the floor as we are afraid Jin may wee and poo at times in the car. The papers would safeguard the flooring. Husky was quietly chewing the papers to bits and pieces. We are glad we send him away, otherwise, my things in the house will be torn and tatter.

Anyway, we both agreed that Husky is a good dog. His eyes told me that he would be an obedient and well trained dog in future. Next 2 days, we saw the advertisement in ST on Husky and thereafter, no more ads. Husky is happy home again!

Monday, September 3, 2007

Long time no hear!

Jin Jin had an operation 2 months ago as we suspected she had hernia. On the right side of her belly, it was bulging out obviously and also there was some blood stain from the urinal. We decided for her to see a vet. After some decision making, the operation was done within 2 hours and she was fine. What the vet found out was that it wasn't actually hernia but her wasted muscles were causing the problem. Wasted muscles were trim off. Anyway we were happy Jin is feeling good today except that she could hardly drag herself around the house. This is due to the fact that during the operation, part of the belly hair were shaved and it takes time for the scarred area to regrow the hair. So during recuperation period, we had to carry her around. She eats and sleep well but now had to be confined in the house.

We were thinking about making her a wheel chair and after talking to my brothers, both made different sets for her. Currently the one she is using inhouse is so easy to manoeuvre, she can do back steps and "download" herself when she wants to be off. At times, she would come to stand beside my leg and do a back turn; that is her backside facing me and then turn to look at me. I know then she wants to be off-load. What a clever girl she is!

Seeing her able to at least move around the house instead of laying around most times, it makes us happy and she is also happy to follow us around the house. She lost weight during this period but her tummy is still a bit bulging but looks like it is healing, not so swelling as before. At this moment, whatever we can offer to her, we give so that she would have some good golden years. Her favourite food barbercue pork, sometime I would buy from the market and cut into small bits and mix with her dry food and she enjoys it all.

What we can give her now is love and tender care of words whisper into her ears. I feel she knows what we meant and you can see the look in her eyes in return. My little darling Jin!