Friday, March 30, 2007

Wednesday, March 28, 2007


2 days later I took her to a pet groomer for a total cleanup. Her ears were full of dirt and the groomer gave me some tips on how to keep her ears clean. Do you know that whenever a dog smells bad (odour),it's usually because the ears are full of ear mites due to ear hair not pluck. It's a breeding ground! From the advise of the vet, I bought fresh chicken thighs from the market and steam it. I can see she enjoyed the food and she licked the bowl clean. I was getting advise from my neighbours how to take care of her and also discipline. It took more than a month before she finally listen to my commends. I called my husband in China and told him about JinJin and he wasn't happy nor excited. His advise than was where am I going to place her when I go to China with him, usually for more than a month. At that time, I was thinking of nursing her back to good health and put her up for adoption. During this period I talk to JinJin using basic words of command and also told her I was talking to Daddy whenever I called him in China. I supposed after sometime, she knows who's Daddy although she had yet to meet him..tobecontinue (tbc)