Monday, September 3, 2007

Long time no hear!

Jin Jin had an operation 2 months ago as we suspected she had hernia. On the right side of her belly, it was bulging out obviously and also there was some blood stain from the urinal. We decided for her to see a vet. After some decision making, the operation was done within 2 hours and she was fine. What the vet found out was that it wasn't actually hernia but her wasted muscles were causing the problem. Wasted muscles were trim off. Anyway we were happy Jin is feeling good today except that she could hardly drag herself around the house. This is due to the fact that during the operation, part of the belly hair were shaved and it takes time for the scarred area to regrow the hair. So during recuperation period, we had to carry her around. She eats and sleep well but now had to be confined in the house.

We were thinking about making her a wheel chair and after talking to my brothers, both made different sets for her. Currently the one she is using inhouse is so easy to manoeuvre, she can do back steps and "download" herself when she wants to be off. At times, she would come to stand beside my leg and do a back turn; that is her backside facing me and then turn to look at me. I know then she wants to be off-load. What a clever girl she is!

Seeing her able to at least move around the house instead of laying around most times, it makes us happy and she is also happy to follow us around the house. She lost weight during this period but her tummy is still a bit bulging but looks like it is healing, not so swelling as before. At this moment, whatever we can offer to her, we give so that she would have some good golden years. Her favourite food barbercue pork, sometime I would buy from the market and cut into small bits and mix with her dry food and she enjoys it all.

What we can give her now is love and tender care of words whisper into her ears. I feel she knows what we meant and you can see the look in her eyes in return. My little darling Jin!