Thursday, December 21, 2006

Jin Jin - 2

I went to the third floor pet shop. Jasmine, (the pet shop sales) told me that Jin must have not eaten for quite sometime as she was drinking lots of water and gulping away the dog food. A few other girls were around talking about what to do with her. Jasmine cannot take her in as she has 2 dogs at home already. By then the security came around and said he would call SPCA if nobody wants to take Jin. We know jolly well Jin will be put down - because of her leg and in SPCA there's already too many abandon pets. I then decided to take her in and nurse her and later decide what to do with her. Jasmine was kind to give me some dog food and a leash for her. I took her to the taxi stand and went right to a vet along Whitley road to see what can be done to Jin's leg. Unfortunately, the vet said nothing can be done and how her leg became limp, cannot diagnosed. Went home and bathe her. Next day I took pictures of her before and after glooming. I have to shave her nake so that she may not have any ticks hiden, especially in the ears. Found about 4 bugs. See her be continued. This is JinJin about 3 week after I took her in. Should see her when she's skin and bones.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Story of Jin Jin - 1

JIN JIN, she is a Maltese. About 6/7 years old.
November 11, 2004 - I was at Novena Shopping Centre looking for a birthday gift and was filling in those lucky draw coupons (when you purchase a certain amount, you get those lucky dips) at the reception counter when the security guard brought her along. Everyone around was looking at her and I could see from her eyes, fear. The guard said she was found inside Cold Storage and I knew she must be abandoned. No one dare to touch her, only milling around saying "Poor dog." I asked the receptionist for a string to tie her inorder she may not run around. Guess what, when I hold her and try to stand her up, I realized her back right leg is totally limp. That must be the reason she was abandoned. She could not stand and I felt her bones. After tying her, I continue filling the coupons and let the guard brought her out to the walkway outside the building. The guard said he could not have a dog in the building. Most building, public areas have this policy. I was thinking about her and when the coupons were done, I went to look for her. There was a young lady (she is a Burmese) with her, Jin Jin was tied to a pillar. I look at her and she looked at me. I did not go near her. I then went into the building again - shopping. But at the back of my mind, her image is still there. I wanted to take her home. Always wanted to have a dog for company but because at the time I was out to town most of the time,my husband does not want to have a problem of who to take care of our dog should we have one. Infact we want to SPCA once, to look at some dogs but my husband still does not want to adopt. After sometime, I decided to see her again before I took the MRT home. So I asked the receptionist where was the dog and was told she's on the third floor, where there is a pet shop... to be continued. This picture is her after one month or so (after fattening her up).

Saturday, December 16, 2006

I have been talking about setting up a blog for quite sometime and tonight,
it's special. I finally did it after writing to my girl friend who migrated to New
Zealand not long ago that she can "check" on me and my dog JinJin through
this site.