Friday, February 22, 2008


Our dear girl, Jin Jin passed away peacefully on 22/02/08 around 10.30am.

Jin was not feeling well before the Chinese New Year and had seen the vet for medicination for her allergy. After the second consultation for her problems, she started to reject all her favourite food including roast pork. Even her usual titbits and greenie did not entice her to eat. Not even water and we had to use a syringe to feed her glucose water for at least she had some energy.

On 21/2/08, we decided to take her out for a car ride since I need to visit the temple in SengKang. While in the car, Jin started to show abnormal signs. She closed her eyes and not long she was totally limp and she lie sideway like sleeping. We talked to her and at the temple, I pour a small cup of holy water for her to drink and she seems very thirsty. Went home and then we realized she was not in good condition. She lies totally on her side and grasping for breath.

Through the afternoon/night, her grasping became stronger and she had diarrhoea a few times and it showed she had internal bleeding. We knew it's time for her to go and on 22/2 morning, we sent her to the vet. Jin was diagnosed to have a stroke and her internal organs are slowly malfunctioning. Option was to put her in coma so medication may help her to feel better but only 5-10% chances she survives and she may have another stroke during this period and die. Last resort was to have her last jab in life to relief all her sufferings. We chose to let her go peacefully and at around 10.30am we saw her through her last breathe of life. Amithaba