Sunday, September 14, 2008

Part 2

I still find it hard to overcome the grief for Jin. Still thinking of her especially at bed time; how I would put her on my bed and put on her pampers before she goes to sleep. I would talk to her expressing our love for her and her love for us. She would play for a while and wait for my husband to join us in bed before I put her down on my side of the bed. I have to let her wear pampers because during her last year with us, she was not able to go to the toilet to poo and wee especially between bedtime and early morning when she wakes. Number of times she just wee on the pamper and it saves me alot of time cleaning her and she feels comfort as well. She does not wear it during the day.

It's almost 6 months now but we still miss her and I've got her photo infront of the computer. Still heartache for her but then we had adopted a little dog from SPCA in April, 2 months after Jin's death. He's a handsome young boy of 3 years. I will be writing a new blog for him but not able to so soon because am still thinking about Jin. Even now while writing, it took me sometime before deciding to update this site. I hope I will come out of grief for Jin soon. Love our girl, Jin Jin.